About doctor

There are four big things that fill my life: family, work, hobbies and travel.  It doesn‘t sound like much, but these things are a powerful force that drive me forward.

My professional career started after graduation from the Kaunas Medical University (KMU) Faculty of Stomatology.  In 2002, I obtained a specialty in orthodontics.  Later, I defended my doctoral theses:  An Effect of Herbst Apparatus to the Jaw and Dental Arcs.

As a result of falling in love with the work that I do,  I have become more and more involved in medical research, conferences, lectures and applying the newest treatment methods.  I always strive for the highest quality work, and more importantly, to do it with love.

Every patient is a new opportunity for him or her to grow, as well as an opportunity for me to grow.  I choose to grow everyday with those who are by my side.

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